The Inspiration

From an early age, Jessica Dunne had a passion for perfume, and even sold hand made "perfume" created from flowers picked in her backyard, at her lemonade stand. One of her biggest influences was her grandmother Eleanor, "Ellie", who loved to find obscure fragrances on her travels. Ellie was passionate about French perfume and had a collection of beautiful bottles that inspired Jessica's own collection of vintage perfume bottles. This special collection was the inspiration for the elegant bottles that house Ellie and Ellie Nuit Parfum. Jessica's mother, Genny, was another inspiration. Watching her mother's elegant and sparing use of perfume before her evenings out with her father was a strong influence on Jessica's taste in perfume. To this day, the trace of her mother's perfume transports her back to those evenings. Jessica endeavored to create fragrances that conjure her childhood memories and an old-world elegance, while maintaining a modern and fresh sensibility. 

Jessica currently lives in Chicago with her husband, Brian, and their two children. 

*Ellie D Perfume donates a portion of proceeds to Kiva, Kiva is a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating poverty through micro loans to entrepreneurs around the world. Since Kiva was founded in 2005, they have given $332 million in loans to individuals in 62 countries.


The Inspiration: Mother The Inspiration: Mother

Genny holding Jessica